Protect Your Investment

Now that you have beautiful colored hair it is important to protect your investment by using products specifically designed to care for your hair needs! 

Colored Hair – Any shampoo/conditioner that is color safe is recommended to keep your color looking fresh for weeks. 

Highlighted Hair – A color safe shampoo/conditioner is recommended for daily use. Violet shampoo/conditioner is recommended as well but should only be used 1-2 times a week or every other week. (If you start getting a green/violet tone to your hair, you are using it too often.) Wait atleast 2-4 weeks after your appointment before using.

If your blonde hair is getting dull use a clarifying shampoo to help remove buildup, this will brighten up your blonde!

Curly Hair – Curls need lots of moisture. Moisture shampoo/conditioner is recommended as well as a good curl defining product to control frizz. 

Keep in mind that some color safe shampoos and conditioners can also help repair dry brittle hair, be moisturizing or for volume.


To be able to achieve the best results for beautiful bright color(s) your hair must first be lightened and then colored the desired vivid color(s) you want.


❖ Consultation recommended
❖ Wash your hair less! Once or twice a week is recommended
❖ Use cool water when washing your hair, Warm water opens up the cuticle which causes the color to wash out.
❖ Wait 24 hour before shampooing fresh hair color
❖ Color-safe shampoo and conditioner is recommended
❖ Use heat-protecting styling products when styling or blowdrying
❖ Deep conditioning treatments are recommended at least once a month

Some shampoo’s contain pigment which can help maintain your color looking fresh for weeks!


If you are a new client please schedule a free consultation to be able to talk about your hair dream! During our consultation, we will talk about the best way to achieve your dream hair, maintenance, products that should be used, and price. Please note silver/gray hair, pastel or neon colors might take more than one session to achieve the desired color(s).
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